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Barbeque as an Art Form

You can talk about politics. You can talk about mothers. You can even talk about religion. Just don’t tread on barbeque when you are discussing this culinary art form. People are passionate about barbeque! While there is debate over which city has the best barbeque, most experts agree that Memphis, Tennessee has a lock on this title. When we discuss barbeque, Texans talk beef, North Carolinians discuss chicken, but really pork is the main player in this field. It’s all about the pig!

Travel & leisure offers great websites on various topics, but they hit a homerun on their travelogue on true barbeque joints. The list of the best cities offering barbeque is interesting. It really is a race for 2nd place, as Memphis wins this contest hands down. According to U.S. News & Reports, the other contending cities are St. Louis, Mo. at number 7, Nashville, Tn. at number 6, Austin, Tx. at number 5, Lexington, N.C. at number 4, Kansas City, Mo. at number 3, Lockhart, Tx. at number 2 and of course, Memphis, Tn. at number 1.

Barbeque contests are held all over the world. In the United States, this search for the best barbeque has an actual circuit that specialized teams attend and compete for the coveted trophies. While contests are held in many locations, the granddaddy of all barbeque contests is held each year in May in Memphis, Tn. This event is called Memphis in May and attracts teams from all over the globe. For a great website, check out

If you are not ready for lunch at a barbeque joint after reviewing these great sites, there is something wrong with your taste buds!

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